RQR ratings and the challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is creating stressed market conditions for asset owners, investors, and corporates.  It has an economic, social and environmental impact.  The impact on the commercial institutional real estate sector is still in its early stages, but already we can see...

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Defining investment quality

Beyond the commonly used terms of prime, secondary, and tertiary, a study commissioned by the IPF in 2016 proposes a definition of investment quality being property quality plus income security. It provides an attempt to define property quality as shown on the diagram...

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French Offices Quality 2018

A world’s first: RQR publishes the HQuality Index, the quality index for real estate The quality index HQuality (H for Holistic) measures the individual quality of buildings and of real estate market segments. It identifies buildings that would benefit from major...

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European Coverage

We are very proud to have increased our European coverage of the office sector from 3 to 8 European countries representing €16.3bn of aggregated capital value (or 183 buildings) at the start of 2019. Thank you all. See Twitter post Keywords: #realqualityrating...

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Notation de la qualité

Pour les professionnels

Nous établissons une nouvelle norme en matière de notation de la qualité des actifs et des fonds, afin de soutenir l'efficacité et la création de valeur sur le marché immobilier.

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