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For a quality-based economy

We are setting a new industry standard for quality ratings at asset and fund level, to support efficiency and value creation in the real estate market


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Standard ratings enable all real estate participants to share a better understanding of quality, ESG factors, and risk at asset, fund, and market level


Reduces time and costs associated with transactions asset and fund management decisions


Enhance the reliability of decisions and constitute a safeguard against individual biases and errors


Real estate ratings provide a bridge between real asset and financial markets making prices more reflexive of underlying quality

How does it work?

Our rating process is made simple. We collect all the necessary information from existing client’s documents to rate the asset. Our team will also present you with the results.

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How to value ESG investments?

How to value ESG investments?

Executive summary Investors are faced with the obligation to explicitly consider new factors in their decisions: the so called, sustainable...

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