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Quality ratings are algorithmic. We take the utmost care in creating models that dynamically reveal changing ecosystem expectations, and that are simultaneously consistent at the global level while reflecting local specificities.

Understanding RQR quality rating models

Our approach to the measure of real estate quality is based on collective intelligence, universal acceptance, and is holistic.

Collective intelligence: We aggregate the views of the widest range of real estate market participants by profession and experience on their perception of quality by asking them:

  • What is more important to them when assessing the quality of a building?
  • How do they assess the quality of a specific building?


Our survey panel includes asset owners, asset managers, facility managers, agents, valuers, architects, occupiers etc.

Global consistency: Our measure of quality allows you to compare real estate asset types and funds across the world.

Holistic: our measure of quality considers the overall aspects of a building considering, on the one hand location, build structure and workspace, and on the other.

RQR Survey Types

By participating in the RQR survey, real estate respondents contribute to the development of a universal real estate quality signal for the benefit of the market. The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete and at the end your contribution will trigger a wealth of benefits.

ESG rating

Our ESG rating is a subset of the quality rating and is consistent with it. It incorporates the key factors of a selection of relevant certifications.

Property Quality

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