Integrated Valuation and Decision Support (IVDS)

The ultimate platform for sustainable valuation

Key features

IVDS is a platform that connects sustainable value rating and financial values

Sustainable Value Rating

Minimum initial data requirements: you only need the address and a few publicly available information
Data enrichment depending on your access to more detailed information
Simulation of CAPEX impact on value
Contextual communication with relevant colleagues and partners

Financial analysis

Rental and capital values
Objective selection of rated rental and investment comparables
Sharing of transaction information while respecting confidentiality
Multivariate comparables interpretation: prices adjustment for quality and market cycle
Historicization of analyses

IVDS make everyone’s life easier


  • Make data-driven investment
  • Make sustainable investment decisions
  • Assess the value impact of CAPEX


  • Manage sustainability risks and demonstrate their management to the regulator
  • Enhance profitability by reducing cost of capital


  • Integrate sustainability into values, objectively
  • Reduce litigation risks


  • Integrate sustainability into recommendations
  • Accelerate negotiations

IVDS platform answers your key questions concerning your properties, like:

How future-proof is my property ?
What is its competitive positioning?
What is the potential rental income that can be obtained today and the reasons behind it?
What is its capital value, and why?
What is its implied yield?
What advantages would I gain if I enhance my property?
What benefits could I reap if I assume changes in my property’s structure?