Your gateway to Sustainable Value Rating

Key features

Qual-e is an App that allows you to:

Access sustainable value ratings on millions of properties
Download indicative rating reports

Reliable insights in the blink of an eye

Smart screening & license to act:

  • Enhance acquisition efficiency and reduce dead deal costs
  • Screen sourced deals
  • Substantiate requests to engage in DD expenses

Pre-underwriting of portfolios

  • Enhance ability to participate in complex portfolio deals

Search for value creation opportunities

  • Source candidates for refurbishment

Some important answers you might be looking for

How is this asset positioned in its market, what class does it belong to?
What is its location quality, its building quality?
How does it compare with other assets?
How does the price/quality trade-off looks like?
Is this asset furture-proof from a sustainability stand point?
How does my portfolio compare with competitors portfolios?