Client Benefits

Asset Managers

Grow enterprise valueGrow enterprise value through enhanced financial performance, productivity and corporate resilience

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Property Managers

Monetize your contribution to value
Offer outperformance-driven remuneration schemes based on the neutral measurement of your added value to tenants’ satisfaction

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Asset Owners

Future-proof your assets exhaustivelyKnow how much the market values the sustainability of your assets across direct and indirect ownerships

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Building Consultants

Go beyond CAPEX: become the provider
of investments programs
Provide your clients with full investment programs, underpinned by objective sustainable value impact and financial ROI

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Meet clients expectations for sustainable
valuation and advisory
Provide objective valuations, integrative of sustainable development factors

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Power your real estate decisions with
objective insights
Make savvy real estate decisions based on informed and objective price / quality trade-offs

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Asset Level Products

Value Signal

Get sustainable value insights on millions of addresses in Europe

Integrated Valuations

Obtain financial valuation integrative of ESG factors

Value Rating

Get to know how future-proof
your buildings are

Value Creation

Devise optimal value creation programs

Risk Rating

Get to know of much vulnerable your assets are to external threats

PM Performance

Gain insights on property managers added value to tenants satisfaction

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Portfolio Level Products

Quick Look

Based on indicative ratings, get a consolidated view of your direct and indirect ownerships in a context of limited access to information.

Portfolio X-Ray

In-depth view, based on verified ratings, on risks and value creation potential. Educate hold/sale analyses.

Management System

Enhance collaboration between fund and asset management functions.

Market Level Products

Sector Analysis

Get in-depth knowledge on the quality of assets in industry sectors (REITs, unlisted funds, etc.)

City Benchmarking

Compare cities and get valuable insights for strategic allocation and territorial management

Latest News

IVSC spoke to RQR Founder and Chief Executive, Olivier Mege

The IVSC is a not-for-profit organisation that acts as the global standard setter for the valuation profession, serving the public interest.

New release Qual-e: Opening of the London market

Access the rating of 124,000 addresses in London in 3 clicks on Qual-e

How to value ESG investments?

Investors are faced with the obligation to explicitly consider new factors in their decisions: the so called, sustainable development (“ESG”) factors. Now, taking these factors into account involves valuing them

Client testimonials

Anthony Marchand
Responsable Portfolio Management, Perial AM

“RQR is the ultimate tool to objectively assess a property, its improvement potential and optimise value creation.“ 

Xavier Saqui de Sannes
Head of Asset Management, AEW Managing Director

“We have used RQR’s analysis for the acquisition of an office property in Spain. Although it was conducted within a relatively short time frame and on a desk top basis, it was perfectly in line with the situation of the building and was surprisingly relevant. It helped us avoiding biases when assessing the property and gave more weight to our views at the IC. We’ve also found it a useful communication means with prospective tenants, as it is third party objective assessment.“ 

Borja Hoya
Head of asset management, INVESCO Spain

“We have used RQR in the context of an acquisition in Germany. The comparison of the acquired asset to another standing asset we had in portfolio in the same market came to us as a surprise: while a lower rent for the acquired asset suggested it had a lower quality, the acquired asset received a higher quality score. We’ve understood that this « anomaly » was due to different leasing backgrounds, and to a deficit of image. Then, we have decided to focus our efforts on the marketing to improve market perception“ 

Cihan Kilinc
Head of asset management, INVESCO Germany

“This new collaboration allows us to strengthen our expertise on increasingly important issues in the market. To make the best possible decisions in the area of capital allocation and compliance with the ESG objectives that we have set for our activities, we wanted to complement the field experience of our teams with the quantitative approach of RQR“ 

Loïc Hervé
Deputy Managing Director, Perial Asset Management

“We were attracted by the ability to optimise value creation trajectories through a tool that reconciles optimised financial performance and impact. This is fully in line with PERIAL AM’s responsible investment and management strategy which integrates all ESG criteria at each key stage of an asset’s life cycle. RQR offers an operational methodological framework that allows sustainable development factors to be concretely integrated into investment decisions“ 

Anne-Claire Barberi
ESG and Innovation Director, Perial Asset Management

“RQR is helping us with the structuring of our data. Using the rating helped us understand that we had judgment biases compared to our peers. It also enabled us to quantitatively understand the strength and weaknesses of our assets on their respective market in a very granular way.“ 

Jean-François Le Teno
Directeur du Digital et de la Transformation, Groupama Immobilier France