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Brown discount
Value Creation

The ultimate platform for sustainable valuation

Obtain financial valuation integrative of ESG factors

Your Gateway to sustainable value

Get sustainable value insights on millions of addresses in Europe

Quantify Sustainability Risks

Because assets that are not sustainable will loose value, or become stranded, RQR supports investors in quantifying risks in relation to sustainable development

Maximize value creation

Enhance ROI and become a creator of collective value

Client Benefits

Asset Managers

Grow enterprise value through enhanced financial performance, productivity and corporate resilience

Asset Owners

Know how much the market values the sustainability of your assets across direct and indirect ownerships


Meet clients expectations for sustainable valuation and advisory


manage sustainability risks and demonstrate compliance to the  regulator

Public authority

Ensure that urban design is rooted in collective choices


Integrate sustainability into recommendations and accelerate  negotiations

Collective Intelligence

Because to be sustainable a development path has to be rooted into collective choices, all valuation tools integrate stakeholder’s sustainable preferences


Want to do something meaningful for your staff and the community during a corporate event?Ask for the organization of a collective intelligence exercice

Team building & Education
Know your preferences as a corporate
ESG and contribution to sustainable market value discovery


Become a contributor to sustainable market value discovery

Get free token and access IVDS
Apply to our educational program and become a market changer

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What users think about RQR

Xavier Saqui de Sannes

Head of Asset Management,AEW Managing Director
“RQR is the ultimate tool to objectively assess a property, its improvement potential and optimise value creation.“

Anthony Marchand

Responsable Portfolio Management, Perial AM
“Vivamus eget ipsum ac justo posuere facilisis sed at nulla. Nullam purus dui”