The pandemic is creating stressed market conditions for asset owners, investors, and corporates.  It has an economic, social and environmental impact.  The impact on the commercial institutional real estate sector is still in its early stages, but already we can see the need to assess and test the impact of defaults, the inability to meet or view assets impacting on valuations, transactions, and the rental market.

In this context RQR continues to measure quality, risk, and sustainability factors for offices and logistics assets as normal across Europe in a way that is both helpful and informative to users.  The RQR Rating is based on assessing real estate information remotely from data room documents and the big data. 

Our capability will increase in the second half of the year into retail and residential assets and across North America and Asia.

RQR is committed to helping the commercial real estate ecosystem by providing quality and risk data in a time of limited access to it. This data is indeed essential to foster trust in the market by providing an objective and reliable anchor to valuation and stress testing.

RQR is the Global Standard for integral quality and risk measurement.


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