Paris, December 8, 2021

RQR launches the sustainable market value rating platform, Qual-e, which aims to contribute to the integration of sustainable development factors into financial stocks, and to catalyze the ecological transition at the very heart of decisions of the real estate industry.

As the leading information group for the B to B press dedicated to the real estate industry, Business Immo is committed alongside RQR to give this essential market initiative the necessary media sounding board.
Qual-e is an asset screening, positioning and comparison tool. It will provide access to the sustainable value rating of offices in 12 leading European cities (Paris, London, Frankfurt, etc.) and over 20 million addresses.

Ratings are by default “indicative”, i.e. estimates based on exclusively public information. The platform also allows owners who so wish to disclose their “verified” rating, in other words based on proprietary, and therefore privileged, information.

The discovery of sustainable market value is based on the continuous analysis of the underlying preferences of thousands of professionals, at the forefront of which are users, investors, experts, etc.

“ It is by relying on this hierarchy for the determination of financial values that the industry will be able to carry out its ecological transition in an effective and efficient manner ”

declares Olivier Mège, founding president of RQR.

“ Business Immo’s desire is part of a sustainable and innovative approach by being a spokesperson for the actors of the city’s fabric ”

adds Sandra Roumi, President of Business Immo.

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